And we're off!

And we’re off!

This year Hospitality Action is challenging restaurants, hotels and foodservice businesses to pull together to make one special summer Sunday all about helping its most vulnerable people.

 It’s amazing to think that in just four years Social Sunday, brainchild of HA’s principle patron Jason Atherton, has become a national fundraising event for the hospitality industry.

 In 2019 we want to take things up a gear.

We’re making July 7th - Social Sunday - a firm date in the hospitality calendar, a day when hospitality people come together to help their own. An annual moment that unites the industry to fundraise, and acts as a showcase of the fantastic food drink and people that make the UK dining scene on of the most vibrant in the world.We’re planning to recruit restaurants and hotels from Saint Helier to Stornoway to take part in Social Sunday on July 7th this year. Our dream is to make Social Sunday into the red nose day of the restaurant scene, when operators do what they do best to help their own.

The great thing about Social Sunday is that it’s up to you what you do to raise money. Whatever engages your customers and staff exemplifying your brand values is just perfect for us. Previous fundraising efforts have ranged from cocktail masterclasses with loyal customers, to after dinner speeches from sporting icons to mini-festivals with barbecues and local bands. Social Sunday is an amazing way to engage your customers, celebrate your team, and strengthen relationships with suppliers and other local operators.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You could simply add a discretionary pound or two to customers’ bills with a card explaining why Social Sunday is so important. You could donate cloakroom fees or encourage suppliers to give you free produce and passing the saving to Hospitality Action. Or you could create a special signature dish, drink or menu to celebrate Social Sunday.

No matter what you do for Social Sunday you’ll be helping fellow hospitality workers who have fallen on hard times. The money you raise will fund essential needs grants helping people keep their heads above water during a period of illness. It could go towards home adaptions for somebody who has suffered life-changing injuries,  or it may even help pay funeral costs for a family in financial trouble coping with the loss of a loved one. You or one of our colleagues may fall upon hard times in your life too, you could be closer to somebody who’s been helped by Hospitality Action than you might think.

Jeremy Gibson