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Who knew that you could make over £3000 for HA by just adding £1 to a dish?  

Hai Cenato knew, that’s who.

Big fundraising figures in the tens of thousands can seem daunting to smaller operators running successful high street businesses. The team at Jason Atherton’s New York inspired pizza joint Hai Cenato came up with a clever twist on our successful £1 on the bill campaign, and they made some serious money for HA in the process.

The idea is simple. They asked one famous chef per month to come up with a guest pizza. £1 from, and a few selected cocktails is then donated to Hospitality Action.

Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 09.59.18.png
Phil Howard’s pizza creation

Phil Howard’s pizza creation

Chefs including Tom Kitchin to Phil Howard, Tommy Banks and Simon Rogan were only too happy to put their names to their pizza creations for HA.

Guest dishes, particularly from famous chefs, are a great seller and bring an extra dimension to the menu. The scheme has been so successful that it’s already raised over £3,000 for Hospitality Action.

You can use your own version of this idea to fundraise for Social Sunday. A signature dish, drink, menu, or even just a discretionary £1 added to guest bills can quickly gather momentum to become a serious amount of money to support those in need in our industry.

Adding £1 to the bill is a small way to make a massive difference. If you’d like to find out more then get in contact, or head over to the main HA website to check out our interview with the restaurant manager of The Vineyard hotel at Stockcross who has shared her experience on our blog.



Jeremy Gibson