Meet April

At Hospitality Action it’s an honour to do the work we do, and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to April from Manchester. April’s story is very powerful and I’m delighted that it’s the first piece of content to feature our new logo.

I was privileged to spend a day with April recently as she selflessly dedicated her precious time to share her story in the hope that it inspires others to fundraise for us, to talk to colleagues about our work, and to ask for our help.

People like April inspire me and the whole team at Hospitality Action. And it’s thanks to people like you and the fundraising you undertake, that we’re able to help more Aprils as we embark on the next exciting chapter of our story.

Whatever you do in hospitality, it’s great to know somebody’s got your back if something goes wrong.

Hospitality Action. We’ve got you.

Mark Lewis