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This summer, Hospitality Action, the UK hospitality industry’s charity, is asking restaurants, hotels and bars across the nation to help raise funds to support people who work or have worked in hospitality and find themselves in crisis.

Our aim is to unite the UK’s restaurant community in July to help transform hospitality lives.

Social Sunday is the brain child of Principal Patron, Jason Atherton who ran his first Social Sunday fundraising event in 2015. Since then Social Sunday has grown to become a national celebration the best of UK hospitality has to offer, showcasing amazing food, service and unique experiences.

The concept is simple: Jason, opens three of his London restaurants for a Sunday lunch service, with all proceeds going directly to the charity. Jason’s fundraising efforts are replicated in restaurants and hotels across the UK who run wonderful events to engage their customers, celebrate their teams and to raise vital funds for Hospitality Action.

This year, we are planning to make Social Sunday even bigger, by asking chefs and restaurateurs across the country to support Hospitality Action on 7 July, and celebrate the generosity of the UK hospitality industry and its customers, in any way they can.


The Social Eating House Team.

The Social Eating House Team.