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—  HOW?  —

We’re inviting operators to help in any way they can; here are a few suggestions to fire imaginations – even if you can’t open up on Social Sunday, there are plenty of ways to get involved. No matter what you decide to do, make sure you let us know and we’ll add your event to this website and promote it via our social media channels.


• Invite a celebrated chef in your region to be a guest chef at your restaurant and charge a premium for a tasting menu.

• Host a cookery class for local customers pre-service and donate proceeds.

• Hold an auction/raffle during the week of Social Sunday, eg dinner for four, a cocktail master class, or cooking a meal in a customer’s home, donating proceeds.

• Invite a local celebrity (eg from world of entertainment or sport) and create an “audience with” lunch.

• Invite your suppliers to gift you produce for the day and donate your saving.

• Arrange a restaurant swap: teams from two restaurants switch venue, offering local clientele a chance to sample food from another region.

• Apply a discretionary charge to bills for the week of Social Sunday.

• Donate a percentage of takings, or profits for the day after covering costs.


Paul Ainsworth and Paul Hood cooking at Social Eating House

Paul Ainsworth and Paul Hood cooking at Social Eating House